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Across Europe with the ERASMUS Programme

The ERASMUS+ programme, one of the European Union's greatest success stories, has funded the cross-border mobility of students, university lecturers and university staff in Europe since 1987. Currently the OVGU maintains more than 120 ERASMUS+ bilateral agreements with different European universities. The agreements are subject specific and set out the number of exchange students and possible duration of the exchange. The International Office is responsible for the coordination of the the ERASMUS programme across all faculties.

If you are interested in spending one or two semesters studying abroad within Europe through the ERASMUS scheme, you can find all current exchange options for your faculty or your field of study in the exchange database. If you meet all of the necessary prerequisites and make enquiries in good time, preferably one year in advance, then you have a good chance of obtaining a place in the exchange programme.

The EU Commission supports participation in the ERASMUS+ exchange programme with a mobility grant for a minimum of three and a maximum of twelve months stay abroad. The coordinators in the faculties support the ERASMUS+ exchange programme within the institutions and faculties. They offer advice on specific matters, for example, if the accredited foreign courses match the corresponding Learning Agreement that has been concluded. The International Office holds general information meetings about ERASMUS+ exchange opportunities several times per year. Upon request the international office organises also subject specific seminars about study and internship abroad at the faculties.


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