Cluster WIGRATEC enters the next round
The WIGRATEC cluster enters the next round and receives funding under the program "Internationalisierung von Spitzenclustern, Zukunftsprojekten und vergleichbaren Netzwerken".
The regional cluster "fluidized bed and granulation technology" (WIGRATEC) is an alliance of mainly small and medium-sized enterprises (SME) or companies with an SME-like structure that has existed for about ten years. The core competencies of the cluster are the development, construction, operation and marketing of turnkey production plants and associated technologies for the chemical and pharmaceutical industry, as well as partly for food technology, which operates on the principle of the fluidized bed.
The growth market with one of the biggest potentials in the agricultural sector, i.e. the production and distribution of food and feed. There is additional demand, especially in industrialized nations, for so-called "healthy and functional foods", i.e. foods that promote well-being and good health beyond their nutritional value. A classic example of this is the addition of active probiotic cultures in dairy products (cheese, yogurt, etc.). In order to meet these and future requirements, further progress in the treatment and processing of foods is also necessary for the industrial nations. For the production of safe and functional food and feed, not only knowledge about the manufacturing processes is necessary, but also detailed knowledge about the structure and interactions between the individual components.

Combined agglomeration technology for food (COAGG)

Agglomeration is a key technology in the food and feed industry, transforming sticky powders into easy-to-administer instant particles. Currently, two major routes in the production of agglomerated particles are popular, by spray drying or fluidized bed agglomeration. However, these two processes are subject to some limitations.
The aim of this project is the introduction of a new processing technology that combines spray drying with a spray fluidized bed treatment for the production of food agglomerates. The new process aims to improve existing technologies in terms of the quality of products to be produced and production economics.

Advanced processing of mixed-ingredient food particles (ADMIX)

The food and feed industry face the challenge of developing products that both promote and facilitate the health of consumers. The ease of use results in products in the form of powders or granules that can be quickly and easily converted into, for example, drinks or soups by the addition of water. The promotion of health requires that this product be adapted to the specific nutritional needs of consumer groups (eg infants or the elderly) and, if necessary, supplemented by, e.g. B. Substitution of conventional ingredients by new and more valuable components can be improved.
The goal of this project is to enable flexibility in the selection of ingredients while maintaining product quality at a controllable high level and guaranteeing production efficiency. Therefore, a process should be developed, which can combine processes such as spray drying, granulation and mixing processes in one stage.
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Cluster WIGRATEC enters the next round
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