Spray drying of dairy products
Broad size, angle and velocity droplet distributions during droplet atomization of dairy spray drying is the main cause of lack of control over process parameters, loss of quality of final product and reduction of process energy efficiency. These problems might be overcome by a new technology able to inject droplets homogenously into the spray dryer. The use of such a device opens the possibility for developing reliable models which enable to describe the drying process. In this project, single droplet drying models aiming to predict the drying behaviour of concentrated dairy solutions are being developed. These models are expected to describe the skin formation, inflation and quality loss in terms of dairy components degradation. For that, existing models will be extended and improved. Additionally, a coupled single droplet-CFD model able to predict the flow and drying kinetics of a current of mono disperse droplets in a spray drying tower is being developed. The models will be validated by means of experimental facilities existing in and out-house and will be used to identify and optimize processing conditions and dryer design. This will enable process control through the development of inline monitoring equipment for particle size distribution and particle moisture content.

This project is part of the EU project "Enabling the drying process to save energy and water, realising process efficiency in the dairy chain" (ENTHALPY).


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