Staff at the chair
All informations for contact can be found at the LSF of the univerisity Magdeburg.
Dr.-Ing. Torsten Hoffmann
Scientific Assistant, NaWiTec
M.Sc. Kaicheng Chen
Scientific Assistant, Cluster WIGRATEC
Dipl.-Ing. Vesselin Idakiev
Scientific Assistant, NaWiTec
M.Sc. Zhaochen Jiang
Scientific Assistant, NaWiTec
M.Sc. Lisa Mielke
Scientific Assistant, NaWiTec
M.Sc. Daniel Müller
Scientfic Assistant
M.Sc. Arman Rahimi
Scientific Assistant
M.Sc. Christian Rieck
Scientific Assistant, AiF
M.Sc. Jari Roßberg
Scientific Assistant, SmartMES
Dipl.-Ing. (FH) Holger Scaar
External PhD student, ATB Potsdam
Dr.-Ing. Franziska Sondej
Scientific Assistant
M.Sc. Gerd Strenzke
Scientific Assistant at the Center for Dynamic Systems
Dr.-Ing. Nicole Vorhauer
Scientific Assistant
M.Sc. Lanyue Zhang
External PhD student, ATB Potsdam
M.Sc. Manuel Janocha
Scientific Assistant
M.Sc. Wencong Wu
Scientific Assistant, WIGRATEC
M.Sc. Farooq Hussain
Scientific assistant
M.Sc. Max Thomik
Scientfic Assistant
M.Sc. Abhinandan Kumar Singh
Scientfic Assistant
M.Sc. Altaf Haashir
Scientific Assistant
M.Sc. Faeez Ahmad
Scientific Assistant, Research Training Group 1554
University Course Drying 2020
30.03.2020 - 02.04.2020 in Magdeburg
University Course Fluidization Technology 2019
04.11.2019 - 07.11.2019 in Hamburg
Appreciation of the research work at the chair with title page of the journal Processes (MDPI)
First project meeting Wigratec InterSpiN
Award for Maciej Jaskulski
Cluster WIGRATEC enters the next round
Arun S. Mujumdar Medal for Prof. E. Tsotsas
Award for best oral presentation
Award for best oral presentation for Christoph Neugebauer on Population Balance Modeling Conference 2018
Faculty Prize 2018
Award for Prof. E. Tsotsas
Honorary Professorship of UCTM, Sofia, for Prof. Tsotsas
University Course Drying 2018
19. March -- 22. March 2018 in Magdeburg
University Course Fluidization Technology 2017
6. - 9. November 2017 in Hamburg
Award on Conference
Best Research Award for Sayali Zarekar on IDS in Gifu, Japan
Award on Conference
Best Poster Award for Christian Rieck at PARTEC 2016 in Nuremberg, Germany
Award on Conference
Best poster award for Vesselin Idakiev at national conference
Award on Conference
Best Presentation Awards on Nordic Baltic Drying Conference 2015
ECCE 2015
27. September - 01. October 2015 in Nice, France
Granulation Workshop 2015
1st July - 3rd July 2015 in Sheffield, UK
University Course Drying 2016
29. March -- 01. April 2016 in Magdeburg
Extension of the Research Training Group 1554
Extension of the funding period for 4.5 years
Award on annual conference
Award for best poster presentation goes to Maryam Dadkhah
Modern Drying Technology Vol. 3
Prof. E. Tsotsas in CES Top 20 Reviewer 2010
Award on Asia Pacific Drying Conference
VDI Ehrenring für Jun.-Prof. Mirko Peglow
University Course Drying 2014
Fundamentals and Applications of Drying Technology