Dipl.-Ing. Franziska Sondej

Curriculum Vitae

born 1986 in Magdeburg

October 2006 - April 2012
Studies of Process Engineering, Otto von Guericke University of Magdeburg

Diploma thesis: "Emulsion-assisted Production of anti-wear Nanoparticles"

July 2012 - March 2013
Scientific Assistant at Max-Planck-Institute of Magdeburg

April 2013-March 2018
Scientific Assistant at the Chair of Thermal Process Engineering, member of NaWiTec

April 2018-March 2019
Scientific Assistant at the Chair of Thermal Process Engineering and completion of the dissertation

since April 2019
Scientific Assistant at the Chair of Thermal Process Engineering, member of CLUSTER WIGRATEC

Research Topics

Combined agglomeration technology for food Agglomeration is a key technology in the food and feed industry, transforming sticky powders into easy-to-administer instant particles. Currently, two major routes in the production of agglomerated particles are popular, by spray drying or fluidized bed agglomeration. However, these two processes are subject to some limitations. The aim of this project is the introduction of a new processing technology that combines spray drying with a spray fluidized bed treatment for the production of food agglomerates. The new process aims to improve existing technologies in terms of the quality of products to be produced and production economics.

Selected Publications

  1. F. Sondej, A. Bück, K. Koslowsky, P. Bachmann, M. Jacob, E. Tsotsas, Investigation of coating layer morphology by micro-computed X-ray tomography, Powder Technology 273 (2015), 165-175. doi:10.1016/j.powtec.2014.12.050
  2. F. Sondej, A. Bück, E. Tsotsas: Experimental analysis of the microstructure of single particles, Proc. 7th International Granulation Workshop, Sheffield (UK), 2015
  3. F. Sondej,A. Bück, E. Tsotsas: Comparative analysis of the coating thickness on single particles using X-ray micro-computed tomography and confocal laser-scanning microscopy, Powder Technology, 287, 2016, 330–340
  4. F.Sondej, C. Rieck, M. Schmidt, A. Bück, E. Tsotsas: Use of X-ray micro-computed tomography in pharmaceutical and food industry, 6th Conference on Industrial Computed Tomography, Wels (Austria), 2016
  5. Sondej, F., Peglow, M., Bück, A., Tsotsas, E., 2018. Experimental investigation of the morphology of salt deposits from drying sessile droplets by white-light interferometry. AIChE J. 64, 2002–2016.


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