Fully-automated fluidized bed plant
The fluidized bed plant was built in 2009 within the research projects of the InnoProfile group NaWiTec. The fully automatic plant can be used for granulation, aggregation, coating and drying processes.

The design and construction was done by IPT-Pergande GmbH (Conception of process engineering and plant engineering) in close cooperation with the IFF-Fraunhofer institute of Magdeburg (process control engineering and visualisation).

The pilot plant is developed and used within the scope of the NaWiTec as a prototype for tests of a model-based regulation concept.

Essential technical parameters / functions are:
  • fluidized bed chamber having a diameter of 300 mm,
  • continuous operation mode with a external sieve-mill-circulation,
  • continuous operation mode with internal separation using a classifying discharge,
  • liquid injection in top or bottom spray application using a two-component nozzle,
  • re-circulation of process gas for granulation/drying under inert atmosphere,
  • inline measurement of particle size and particle moisture content,
  • two-stage air heater for the heating of process gas to temperatures up to 250°C,
  • 25kW cooling aggregate for drying purposes of the process gas,
  • 2 high-pressure ventilators for the fluidisation, max. gas speed approx. 9 m/s,
  • injection of melt, solutions, suspension or emulsions,
  • Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) to measure and record all flow rates, pressures, temperatures and humidities.
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