Chair of Bioprocess Engineering

Head of Chair

Reichl, Udo, Prof. Dr.-Ing.

Tel.: +49/391/6758402

Mund, Thomas
Secretary Bioprocess Engineering
Tel.: +49/391/6758401

Scientific Personnel at IVT

Benndorf, Dirk, Dr. rer. nat.
Coordinator study course 'biosystems engineering'
Microbial Communities
Tel.: +49/391/6752160

Wolff, Michael, Dr.
Downstream Processing
Tel.: +49/391/6754676

Fischer, Laura, Dipl.-Ing.

Downstream Processing
Continuous purification of influenza virus
Modeling of simulated moving bed processes

Tel.: +49/391/6754675

Heyer, Robert, Dr.-Ing.
Metaproteome analysis of complex microbial communities
Tel.: +49/391/6754671

Kohrs, Fabian, Dipl.-Ing.
Metaproteome analysis of complex microbial communities
Tel.: +49/391/6754677

Fortuna, Ana Raquel, M.Sc.
Downstream Processing
Continuous Purifaction of Influenza Virus
Development of membrane adsorbers for virus purification processes
Tel: +49/391/6754674

Marichal-Gallardo, Pavel, M.Sc.
Downstream Processing
Fouling in Downstream Processes Operations
Proteomics in Downstream Processing of Influenza Virus
Tel: +49/391/6754679

Khesali, Hoda, M.Sc.
Tel: +49/391/6754671

Schallert, Kay, Dipl.-Ing.
Bioinformatics - MetaProteomAnalyzer
Tel: +49/391/6754681

Technical Assistance

Bastian, Anja (maternity/parental leave)
Tel.: +49 391 6754670

Best, Claudia

Tel.: +49 391 6110-225

Deinert, Annika
+49 391 6754669

Fichtmüller, Lisa
Tel.: +49 391 6754669

Siewert, Corina
Tel.: +49 391 6754671