Lehrstuhl für Bioprozesstechnik

Aims and Focus

Main focus:

Cultivation of mammalian cell lines in suspension and on microcarriers for the production of vaccines and pharmaceuticals. High cell density cultivations, fed-batch and perfusion systems. Downstream processing of virus particles, viral antigens and of recombinant proteins.


  •  on-line  biosensors
  •  off-line analytics (metabolites, products)
  •  chromatography (SEC, AC, IEX, HIC)
  •  flow cytometry
  •  real time PCR
  •  ELISAs & microassays
  •  2D - DIGE
  •  mass spectrometry (MS)
  •  laser scanning microscopy
  •  proteomics & glycomics platform
  •  dynamical models (cell growth and virus replication)
  •  flux analyses